Welcome to BC-Online!

It is with great pleasure that we present to you The Beer Connoisseur™ Online! BC-Online is the result of a four year endeavor to re-introduce The Beer Connoisseur™ Magazine to beer lovers here in the States and around the world. Yes, that is correct in saying re-introduce it. Few realize that the Beer Connoisseur was published in 1997 by Adams Media. Adams Media, today, is The Beverage Information Group. If you are familiar with any of the following business-to-business magazines, Cheers, Beverage Dynamics and Stateways, then you have been exposed to the great work of this group. BC-Online is the interactive community that compliments the magazine. It consists of the following elements:


  • Community:  BC Blogs, Open Blogging, Discussion Forums, Events
  • Editorial:  Coming in 2010
  • Fine Beer & Food: Style Guide, Food Pairings, Beer with Cheese, Tasting and more
  • Learning:  Beer School;  How Beer is Brewed;  Presentation with Glassware, Temperature, The Pour;  History and more
  • News:  A collection of Trade Member headline news including: Brewery & Brew Pub News; Restaurant, Pub & Beer Bar News; Association & Media News; Tasting, Event & Group News
  • Resources: A listing of our BC recommended resources for the beer lover, Book& Literature
  • Reviews:  Beer > U.S. Domestic;  Beer > International;  Brewery & Brew Pub,  Events;  Restaurants;  Travel


So you may be asking youself the following: Why did the magazine fail in 1997?  Why and when is the magazine coming back and how will it be different than the other consumer beer magazines?  Why launch a magazine now; especially in an economic environment that has become the graveyard for so many publications?

To answer

Why did the magazine fail in 1997?

We didn't have an opportunity to interview The Beverage Information Group, but our best research shows us that the state of the beer industry in the late 90's did not support the scope of the Beer Connoisseur brand. The terms Beer & Connoisseur did not pair in the U.S. consumer market. The late 90's was an era when the Maxim magazine's of the world were springing into life, consumers valued beer in quantities versus quality, and wine won over the palats of the sophisticates, chef's and stewards in the four and five star restaurants. The trend was not focused on high-end beer, but high-end wine and cigars. Beer paired best with boobs and sports and was primarily a mans drink.

We also believe that Adams media was a business-to-business publisher and may not have had their fingers on the pulse of consumers that would have bought a high-end beer magazine...even back then. The result was four issues +/- an issue or two, of a short lived effort to deliver th evalue of high-end beer enjoyment to the avid beer drinker.

Why and when is the magazine coming back?

This explanation fun to write and simple to explain. Times have changed my fellow beer lovers! Craft and specialty beer are on the rise. Today's era sees a trend slipping from fancy wines and flowing towards fine beer and the foods that pair with them. Consumers are becoming increasing interested in learning about something new, something vibrant, and are discovering that there is a grand new world of beer to be explored. This world contains a rich history and culture that has always existed, yet its been just underneath the surface.

With the recent success of the some 2,500 craft brewers in the United States, there exists a virtually unlimted number of stories to be told, beers to be tasted and foods to be paired with them. We find that as interest developes in the United States, consumers become increasingly interested in beer culture worldwide. Considering these two interests, our magazine should have plenty to cover for many years to come, and we are happy to do it!

The Beer Connoisseur™ is scheduled to launch in November of this year. It stands out from other other consumer beer publications because it sees itself as a niché magazine focusing on the high-end characterisitcs of beer enjoyment. We do not view ourselves as "in competition" with the other publication. In addition, we feel that the "collective work" of the existing beer titles compliments one another, and we all create a "category" of interest all for the common purpose of the better of beer.

The magazine will be launched quarterly with intention of incresing frequency to bi-monthly. It will be "oversized" and is printed on a high grade of paper. Our editorial will speak to the sophisticate with well written and informative stories with fantastic supporting photagraphy.

Why launch a magazine now; especially in an economic environment that has become the graveyard for so many publications?

It is true, this is the worst economy, in my lifetime, that a consumer magazine could be launched. Advertisers aren't buying and newsstand sales are down. So are we crazy and could this possibly be successful? We feel that two important conditions exist that will help us achieve success. The first is that beer is a hot trend and that we see that it is only gaining in strength. Consumer demand exists for an online commuity and informative publication of this scope. The second is that since we are building the company from the ground up, we are in the perfect postion to "live within our means". We are not unlike the thousands of craft brewers that exist in the country. We are small, have no investors, are looking to grow initially through grassroots methods, and will evolve by means of the support that we receive from you, the reader. As a start up with limited expenses (and funds), we can grow at the rate that our audience demands instead of chase after an audience based off of "expenses incurred" and "investment dollars committed". In other words, we are a publication by the people and for the people.



I would like to give a very special thank you to our BC family of bloggers and writers, who are donating their talents in effort to help us realize The Beer Connoisseur™ community. Support your favorite Blog Personalities by becoming a Founding Subscriber to The Beer Connoisseur™ Magazine. Each blogger contains a unique invitation code listed on his or her blog page. Insert this code into the promotions field when subscribing. A portion of your paid subscription will be allocated to supporting our writer.


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