Miller Lite’s New "Vortex" Promises a Bottling Revolution

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Hey, the megabrewers are part of the beer world, too, right?

Well, there’s a new Miller Lite bottle called the “Vortex” that MillerCoors promises will revolutionize the pouring game. Although I am not an advocate of light beer due to my love for complexity, hops and, well, taste, the numbers don’t lie – millions still embrace the low calories and easy drinkability. With that being the case, MillerCoors is causing quite a stir with what they call “the biggest thing to hit the beer bottle since the twist off cap.”

From the look of things, the base is pretty standard, but the neck’s interior is spiraled to supposedly enhance the pour and accentuate the “triple-hops brewed for great pilsner taste.”

While MillerCoors says that the 12-ounce Vortex is designed specifically for drinking direct from the bottle, for those that would rather pour it in a glass, they have (enter drum roll here) a special “Miller Lite Taste Activator” glass. Yep! The specially designed Miller Lite Taste Activator glass has an etched Miller Lite logo on the bottom that “clusters” the carbonation and has bubbles stream continuously to the top to “bring forth Miller Lite’s flavor and aroma.” They also claim it helps maintain a “thick head to lock in that great pilsner taste.”

Rolling in a Miller Vortex-wrapped Cadillac Escalade packed with Miller Lite swag and cases of their "twisted" invention, promotion teams are making some select appearances in bars and pubs leading up to its official national launch on June 11.

You know, I have to admit that since I haven’t had a Miller Lite in years, I am actually intrigued enough to end the hiatus and take a sip out the Vortex and pour the rest in one of those Taste Activator containers for the simple love for the suds.

For the environmentally conscious, the Vortex bottle’s 100 percent recyclable. For the frugal, it will remain the same price as the traditional Miller Lite. And for breweriana fanatics, maybe it could earn a place next to the first beer can with a pull tab, the Guinness Draught can featuring the widget or Grolsch pop-top. Or maybe not.


-- by Ale Sharpton
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