Hawaii's #1 Craft Beer

(Lahaina, Maui, HI) - On June 21st, 2009, winners of the 2009 Los Angeles International Commercial Beer Competition were announced.  This competition is organized and run by the Los Angeles County Fair and is conducted as a blind tasting in accordance with Brewers Association guidelines.  Maui Brewing Co. (MBC) was awarded four medals - three gold and one silver.  Two of their packaged products, Big Swell IPA, and Bikini Blonde Lager, won gold medals.  Father Damien Abbey also won gold and Honolua Lager was awarded a silver medal.  The Big Swell IPA won in the American-Style Strong Pale Ale category; Bikini Blonde Lager, in the Münchner-Style Helles category; Father Damien Abbey in the Belgian-Style Strong Specialty Ale category and Honolua Lager in the German-Style Pilsner category.  This is the first year that MBC has entered this competition.

"These awards come on the heels of the NABA and the San Diego International Beer Festival awards and are further testament that we are truly Hawaii's #1 Craft Beer. We vow to continue to produce the best craft microbrew in Hawaii and offer a diverse selection of world-class unique beers", says Garrett Marrero.  Undeniably, MBC brewers have been hard at work as is evidenced by a total of ten awards won in the months of May and June alone! Garrett continued, "Genuine, handcrafted Hawaiian products are few in number so to be able to produce legitimate Made-in-Maui microbrews and to be recognized on a global scale is really quite an honor.  We have been fortunate enough to 'put Maui on the map' as a producer of world-class beer.  Our Coconut Porter, for example, is officially the best beer in its class on the planet!  This brew is also a stellar example of our commitment to staying 'fiercely local' - incorporating locally grown products and maintaining all aspects of our production brewery on-island.  We want to continue to give back to our community and to bring to market products that make Hawaii proud!"
Maui Brewing Co. microbrews are the only authentic Hawaii microbrews currently available on the mainland as 100% of the beers are brewed in Hawaii.  With a strong commitment to the local economy, and deep concern for the environment, MBC microbrews are packaged with the most ecologically-friendly materials.  Although cans and bottles are both recyclable, bottles still break and may pose a risk at beaches.  The cans are manufactured on Oahu and designed by local Maui artists and have the added bonus of protecting the beer in the best possible manner, protecting our beers from both light and oxygen damage which can seriously compromise the taste. Plastic rings are dangerous to marine life and therefore, a unique, recyclable plastic carrying device is used to hold their products.  The spent grain from beer production is donated to local ranchers for cattle feed; and any cans damaged in production are donated to the Maui Humane Society. MBC purchased equipment from Maui Land & Pineapple, preserving a piece of Hawaii's canning history.
Founder Garrett Marrero and his wife, Melanie, run a 7-barrel brewpub at the Kahana location as well as the 25-barrel full production brewery and canning facility in Lahaina.  Maui Brewing Co. is a truly local beer as 100% of their products are made in Hawaii as opposed to other "Hawaiian" beers.

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Hawaii is one of the most

Hawaii is one of the most delicious and fine beer. They manufactuerd the beer in manual basis in able to have the classic taste of the beer. A lot of tourist in hawaii drink their beer and having  a nice vacation with it. maui bus tours

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Truly Deserving

Congratulations, Garrett!!  Maui Brewing Company is truly deserving of the accolades that it receives.  I look forward to stopping by your stand at the GABF every year to chat with you and enjoy the great MBC offerings.  The Rum Barrel - Aged Coconut Porter that I tried last year was out of this world!  You are not lying whenever you state that MBC Coconut Porter is the best beer in its class.  The marriage you've made between the coconuts and porter is extraordinaire!  Can I get a slice of egg cream pie with that, please?  Keep up the good work!  Your beers and brand are exceptional.  Have your beers made it to the mainland yet?  If so, how far east are they available?

Rob Johnson