• Fear and Laughter and the First Amendment
    Suddenly, it feels like a seance. I’m staring at the ink-spattered, bug-eyed image of a snarling dog that seems poised to fly out...
  • Brewers Association Reveals Top 50 Breweries of 2014
    The Brewers Association has released its list of the Top 50 Breweries of 2014. The BA's new definition of what comprises a craft...
  • The Walking Craft
    Sleeping isn’t as easy as it used to be. Whenever you can find safe shelter (which is rare) a constant, gnawing fear remains....

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Industry & People

Ralph Steadman
Suddenly, it feels like a seance. I’m staring at the ink-spattered, bug-eyed image of a snarling dog that seems poised to fly out of my computer...
Surly Brewing
For Guzman, that something has always been cooking. More recently, he has become part of the movement taking brewpub menus to a new level of...
Founders Logo
In the second of two installments, the founders of Founders take on some more subjective topics. Was there a first beer you remember that made you...

Food & Travel

Hobo Salmon Recipe
One of my first memories as a kid was standing around a campfire waiting for the hobo dinners to be done. The meal was rustic and hearty, made up of...

Beer & Trends

Online Beer Trades Florida Beers
The Local Shelf Beer Mystery Box Exchange doesn’t want your whales. LSBMBE takes a different route from the usual beer trading that takes place...


Beer Glasses
When it comes to beer’s temperature, the common belief is “the colder the better.” This is not always sound advice. Beers served too cold can numb...
Barrel Aging Beer Storage
When you resist the urge to crack open a beer instantaneously, magic can happen. Storing or cellaring beer allows a number of internal and external...



Anchor Brewing Company's Liberty Ale, which helped usher in a new generation of flavorful beer, will celebrate its 40th birthday Saturday, April 18th...
The Brewer’s Association released its annual industry figures at the Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, confirming another year of growth by the...
On its 20th anniversary, Blue Moon Brewing Company has announced plans to build a second Denver facility to serve as a pilot brewery, tasting room...

Best of Lists

Homer Simpson Beer Quote
A lot of great things have been said about beer. Usually they're forgotten. It comes with the territory.
Barenaked Ladies Strong Beer Label
Beer’s convivial nature and the warming buzz it provides can amplify the enjoyment of music with each sip.
Belgian Beer Weekend
Whether you’re looking for a reason to travel or if you just want to add another event to your itinerary, here’s a sampler of the finest beer...

Brewery Tours

Snake River Brewery
Snake River Brewing offers mountain town lovers an opportunity to savor beers that have won 34 Great American Beer Festival medals over the past 21...
Brasserie Cantillon
Twice a year, Cantillon opens its doors to guests during the brewery’s daily operations.
Don't Call Me Surly.
What's in a beer and a name?


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