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The Walking Craft

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Just in time for the Season 5 finale, we shelter ourselves from the constant barrage of snarling undead and wonder what beers the most notable characters on AMC’s The Walking Dead would enjoy.

Beer Groups Help Guide Pairings

When Beer Meets Food
Coconut Cream Pie with Smuttynose Robust Porter

Navigate beer pairings with these guidelines. We have recipes to match!

by Sherry Dryja

Gose Comes Back, Goes Down Easy

Beer Trends
Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

As spring approaches, light and crisp beers begin to emerge, including a style that’s sour and salty.

by Jim Dykstra

Top Ten Beer Quotes

Best of List
Martin Luther Beer Quote

A lot of great things have been said about beer. Usually they're forgotten. It comes with the territory.

The White Owl

Brewery Tours
The White Owl Food

Located in the middle of bustling metropolitan Mumbai, the White Owl brewpub features interesting brews, gourmet cuisine and chic furnishings 

by Malika Bowling

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Terrapin French Toasted W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout
Pint Break

Terrapin’s French Toasted W-n-B Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout was a lot to take in.

Pint Break

My Muse of Brews for the day: Ommegang's Glimmerglass!



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